Rocket ships fly

by Samuel Blues

Oleee 02:48
Babe 02:38
Babe! I want you here now. Babe! Stay with me now
Spooky 03:30
When they say this world is ending I say this world has already ended When I pray my mind's expanding I pray to love, love intended Hey Satan. What did I do? This world is dead and wrong Why can't we go along? Somewhere there's a hole Devil likes to shovel coal Hey Satan what did I do? On the equator waiting for you.
Death came to freedom What happened to me? Double the doses So I can be free Death came to freedom What did I do? Bring me some roses I'll give them back to you. I'm swimming to my favourite island I'm sitting on my favourite highland
Jesenice 03:20
Tough Luck 03:30
Tough luck, another storm Third one in a row It's gonna be raining cats and dogs Get your mama ready, here comes the flood Tough luck for the weather girl She cries out: ''I can't stand it any more!'' I'm the puddle you're the boot I fight and struggle, you're so rude Words that I just said to you are filling the ocean, just filling the ocean... Tough luck, another storm. Thunder, lightning act their own. Strange vibe is in the air. Get your sister ready and beware. Tough luck, you want me Tough luck, I want you I'm the puddle, you're the boot I fight and struggle, you're so rude
She came right in through the door She asked me if I'm bored We're gonna make a scene Exactly what it seems Submarine machine sinking deep We're gonna count the snakes My car has no brakes Green green green green Color of my dream Submarine machine sinking deep Shh! And now I want some more I hate weather control
Sunscreen 03:50
Hold the sun on your leash Change the color from black to clean Have the sunshine always with you Make sure there's nothing in between... ...Between black and clean When I hold my mind on my leash I open the window to let it breathe I lean over and look down the street I can't stand this summer's heat... ...My street beneath the summer's heat Oh sun, please shine until we find our shade Oh sun, please shine, we'll try to evade Oh sun, please shine until we fade City life ain't good for me I can't see red turn to green When I hold the sun on my leash She walks down the street... ...Sunscreen! She wears sunscreen!
April Fools 03:44
First time in her room I sat on a hospital-like stool She lit me like a fume So much love to fill a pool Made love in woodland Under the trunk Now we're going steady but my baby got drunk Walking down the hallway I find you in your room. Your face says you cheated I'm knocked out, mad and blue I feel like a pile of broken power tools. Broken heart it's true Do you have some glue? I wish it was all a bad April fools
I have a new guitar right here Best guitar I ever had This guitar has six strings and that's six strings too many Hey girl! You better give me somethin' Before I die I have a new girl right here Best girl I ever had We walk on streets like two elephants Doesn't mean we are heavy or something We just stomp on anyone that comes our way When we get tired of walkin' we stop at our local buffet Mr. Bartender! You better give me somethin'! Before I die ...This is the end of this pointless story Enjoy the rest of the music


This is my second album that I recorded in my room.
Psychedelia started kicking in...
It was recorded on an old 4-track. All analoge.


released September 15, 2015


all rights reserved



Samuel Blues Jesenice, Slovenia

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